About Dreamwall

Dreamwall wall coverings with a difference Established in 2003 is a UK specialist in imitation Faux brick, Faux slate, Faux stone, contemporary interior wall panels now with a portfolio of over 300 designs to choose from.
Dreamwall for over the last decade is a specialist in supplying imitation Faux bricks, Faux slates and Faux stones wall panels, using the latest technology these panels really do look and feel like the real thing once installed.
Dreamwall supply wall panels through DSP LTD/Stone Panel who have the exclusivity of the Panel Piedra products in the UK.
Dreamwall flagship product since 2003 is the ‘Paint It Yourself Brick’.
All the panels have been designed for easy DIY application and can be used for domestic and commercial projects.
The vast  portfolio also includes contemporary design wall panels, new products to the portfolio include Eco Recycled Oak wood Panels made from recycled Rioja wine barrels and the modern wavy Lifestyle panels.
Here are the Links to the Latest online Brochures to view.

Dreamwall  website here www.dreamwall.co.uk 

If on Facebook Please like our Official Facebook Page 

follow Dreamwall on Twitter here http://twitter.com/dreamwalls

One response to “About Dreamwall

  1. Hi
    Can you confirm if I could use the faux bricks in a bathroom?

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