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Design 1: Dreamwall Lifestyle Capitone Wall Panel

Dreamwall Capitone Wall Panels were originally launched at the London Surface Design Show in 2011.

Capitone is now Design 1. in our newly launched Lifestyle collection of wall panels.

It created a storm back in 2011 through out the interior design industry and was featured in many interior online blogs and magazine articles.

Also in the Capitone range of panels are Original Capitone and Gran Capitone 

The panel is different than the usual fabric chesterfield panels because its actually not soft! The panel is made of a polyurethane back and a polyester front mixed with a natural stone and marble powder, so when it is touched it feels hard and cold like stone.

Perfect for commercial and domestic installations.

For more details on how to obtain a quote please contact the Dreamwall office or call 01472 750552

Please click on images below to enlarge and see panel dimensions

Available in Black:  LF-472

Available in White: LF-471

Dreamwall Capitone Wall Panels Design 1. in the Lifestyle Collection

Dreamwall Capitone Wall Panels Design 1. in the Lifestyle Collection

capitone 3 capitone 2 capitone white 1

Capitone Panel used in a glamourous Kitchen Installation

It is always nice to receive images of our panels finally installed by clients.

This latest project (shown below) is of the Capitone Panel in white. The panels have been used to create glamour into a kitchen! Most installations on our Capitone panels have been either in commercial settings, living rooms and bedrooms, so this project is very interesting as it shows the panels being used in a completely different setting.

Capitone Panel

Capitone Panel


Capitone Panel

Capitone Panel

Capitone Panel

The Capitone Panel is available in Black and white they are all made to order. The panels are made of polyurethane back with a front made of resin mixed with a stone/marble powder so they are hard to touch. If wanting more information on the Capitone panels please contact the Dreamwall office on 01472 750552 or email

Capitone panel size per panel


Capitone Panels are available in Black and White

Dreamwall: Capitone Panel is now on display at the SCIN Gallery London

The Dreamwall ‘Capitone’ Panel is now on display at the SCIN Gallery London.

Dreamwall Capitone Panel on Display SCIN Gallery LONDON

Capitone Panel in SCIN Gallery

The Capitone Panels have recently featured on Freshome Interior Design & Architecture site

We are very proud to have our Capitone panel Displayed in SCIN Gallery London:

The SCIN Gallery, Morelands, 27 Old Street, London, EC1V 9HL

Capitone Panel - Scin Gallery London