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Dreamwall PAINT IT YOURSELF BRICK, Client Kitchen installation Before & After Pictures

Kitchen before revamp

Kitchen before the revamp

Kitchen in the middle of revamp

Kitchen in the middle of revamp, old units and tiles taken down ready to install new units and Dreamwall’s Rustic Brick

Rustic Brick finally installed in to the kitchen revamp

Paint it yourself brick faux brick panels now installed into the kitchen revamp with new kitchen units

Rustic Brick finally installed giving the kitchen a fresh new look

The final result of the kitchen revamp, Paint it yourself brick Faux brick Rustic brick certainly has  given the kitchen a fresh new look, and a happy client. 

Paint it Yourself Brick Faux Brick wall panels is Dreamwall’s Flagship product since 2003.

They are made of UPVC and VAC formed moulded so are 3D panels, these panels need to be painted on decoration, hence the name PAINT IT YOURSELF BRICK.

Easy to install, no fuss no mess, once installed and decorated they really do look like a really painted brick wall.

They are sold in packs of 5 covering 1.95 sqm = £90.00

and sold in a pack of 10 covering 3.90sqm = £180.00

For a quote please contact Dreamwall on the contact form in contacts, please clarify its for the PAINT IT YOURSELF BRICK, please indicate how many SQM needed to work out how many packs are required, and a full delivery address with a valid postcode for the delivery costings.

*Dreamwall would like to thank our Client Stephanie for providing the before and after pictures of her kitchen revamp installation, Stephanie is over the moon with her Dreamwall installation, and we agree the final result is impressive.