Two Tone Slate Panels used as a Decorative Facade on a Building 

Another great installation showing how diverse our wall panels are.  Below showcases how our two tone Laja Fina Slate wall Panels have been used as a decorative Facade on this building.  For more details on our wall panels please contact Dreamwall or call 01472 750552 

Paint It Yourself Brick wall Panels from Dreamwall 

Back in 2003 Dreamwall was originally set up with a product designed for a home project called ‘Rustic Brick’. Fast forward 14 years and Dreamwall’s flagship product has been re branded as ‘Paint It Yourself Brick’.  ‘paint it yourself brick’ is made with a BS476 Fire Rating self extinguishing UPVC. The panels are VAC formed…

Our Wall Panels in IKEA Cardiff and Reading Stores U.K 

We have on display in IKEA Cardiff & Reading (UK) some of our wall panels.  PR 550 Red brick, PR 415 Pizarra Andres, PR 442 Pizarra Alpes & Black Concrete (Reading Store)  For more details of our ready available UK stock panels for quicker and cheaper delivery please call 01472 750552 or email